What We Do.

Our quality standards apply also in terms of service, technical expertise and advice.

Market Research & Communication Strategy

Thorough & reliable market research procedures form the basis for collecting opinions, data & important information for each individual project. At the same time, the analyses of the results and “requirements” of the project, combined with the accurate, fully updated statistical data we process, lead to the right choice of “Strategy” communication & marketing mix, for the timely & effective planning – handling of the “actions” of the project for the complete understanding of the “target market”, with exceptional accuracy. Research & communication strategy is the “secret of success”!

Corporate Identity Creation

How would you like it if the photo on your passport or ID card was not to your liking & you are obliged to “carry” it with you for life? The same can happen with a wrong choice in the presentation of your corporate identity, you might be `ashamed` to show it! For us the “corporate image” is a very serious matter and we implement it with a profound study of the data, the object, the objectives and the history – biography of the client’s business. Result? Some of the most “recognizable” brands in the market belong to our successful clients!

Packaging & Corporate Applications

With a wide range of applications & capabilities, such as engineering design, mock-up, photorealism and final packaging, we offer the possibility to either design & create from scratch the appropriate packaging, or to “visually” upgrade existing packaging, in order to better promote the “target market” and develop your sales.

Professional Photography

Using modern equipment, in our well-equipped studios, our professional photographers take the concept of advertising photography to another level.Excellent packshoot shots of small or large objects, styling shoots, with or without photomodels, indoors or outdoors, combined with excellent knowledge of image editing programs, make one thing for sure. That the final result will impress you!

Web design & Hosting

In a global digital environment that is constantly changing, evolving and developing at a dizzying pace, the need for proven effective partners in terms of not only the design & programming of your website or e-shop but above all its security, is more necessary than ever . Every day, our entire web team is by your side, with a high sense of responsibility and a pleasant disposition, innovative ideas and excellent knowledge of the entire volume of work, to guide you & offer you high-level services.

Web Advertising Services

Our highly trained executive force, with knowledge of statistical methods & targeted analysis, extensive experience & expertise, will guide you in the right direction, in order to achieve the maximum possible benefit with the least expense and the appropriate method, in terms of creating & implementing effective advertising of your “campaign” on the world wide web and also on social media.

Let's Work Together.