About us...

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Our passion.

We are a design studio based in Piraeus and we love to create great projects!
Working in branding, packaging, print, illustration and digital design, blade adv produces a significant body of work characterised by diligence & professionalism, between the physical and the virtual, the abstract and the symmetrical, the handmade and the digital.

What We Do.

Market Research & Communication Strategy

Corporate Identity Creation

Packaging & Corporate Applications

Professional Photography

Web design & Hosting

Web Advertising Services

How We Do It.

Quality - Price Relationship

If you are looking for the best proposal for any of your communication needs, investing as little money as possible in targeted promotion, demanding maximum results, we are your people!


‘Brainstorming’ is our favourite word! The day is only good for us, when it starts with ‘fresh’ ideas for our clients’ projects & becomes even better, when they finally choose them. This is the most magical moment of the day!


Every person is unique & their needs are different. So we think about each advertising project we undertake, adapting our own perspective to the specific needs of each partner, individually.


The need for effective communication is necessary as never before, the advertising consultant should be the strategic partner for the business, able to direct the whole effort with the right method to the goal.The result, of course, counts, especially when you have the way to measure it!


With excellent organization, methodicalness and professionalism, adhering to the plan of each job, we follow the schedules faithfully, even under difficult conditions, pressure, facing any difficulties in a positive way. Our only aim is to complete the work in time and efficiently and to the full satisfaction of the partner.

Technological Knowledge

Our many years of experience, our specialized knowledge of the subject and the market, the continuous updating of new techniques, products and services, our passion and diligence, is the “mixture” that makes us feel proud of our expertise. We are eager to share it with you, at the first opportunity to work with you.

Get Started.

Each project is different in size, specialities, aspect and objectives. Our flexible DNA allows us when needed and allows us to assemble teams, with the best professionals in their field, tailored to the needs of each project, to work alongside our team. We believe in the power of teamwork, strategy and creativity. Through methodicalness, passion, dedication & an exceptional collaborative atmosphere. Do you have a project in mind?