The BLADE adv is an advertising company, with main object the planning and implementation of integrated programs of corporate and product communication. The specialized agencies on issues of strategy, aimed primarily at retail, intensive operationson import, manufacturing companies, became the BLADE adv, one of the most effective advertising companies, operating in the Retail space.
Since its inception in 2009 until today, BLADE adv has worked with some of the most successful brands, both in terms of commercial enterprises private stores & also chains. Using the new modern methods of communication, is constantly evolving, invests in infrastructures, technologies and skilled human resources, with a view to continuous upgrading of services & products, for the benefit of clients and collaborators.
This strategy, the continuing incessant effort across sectors and close business relationships with all partners, highlighted as one of the most dynamic emerging companies advertising in Greece.

Reliable results with proper planning, at the ideal time!


If you are looking for the best suggestion for any communicative needs & investing as much as possible less money for targeted screening that is required for the maximum score, then we are your people!


How does the result of your advertising campaign 'counts' for you? In times where the need for effective communication is more necessary than ever in the past, your advertising consultant needs to be the most strategic partner for your company & being able to steer it with the correct method, on target. The end result will count, especially when you have the way to measure it!


Each person is unique and their needs are different. In this way we perceive & think about every promotional project undertaken & customize our own perspective according to the specific needs of each partner. You are always our priority!


With excellent level of organization, orderliness and professionalism, sticking to the plan of each project, we follow timetables, even under difficult conditions & coping with positive way at any difficulties that may arise. Only purpose for us is to complete, timely and efficient the projects and be rewarded with the full satisfaction of the partner. Hundreds of our happy customers are proof of our best advertising and we feel proud about it!


‘Brainstorming’ is our favorite word! The day is good for us, only if it starts with 'fresh' original ideas for the projects of our customers and gets even better when they finally choose them. This is the most beautiful & the most magical moment of the day!


The continuous update of our knowledge and experience on the market by trying new techniques for our partner's products and services, combined with our passion and our hard work, is the "mix" that makes us feel proud. We are eager to share it with you with the first opportunity we will have cooperation. We will be glad to be useful!

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