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The Art of Blade adv

BLADEadv is an advertising company, whose main objective is the design and implementation of integrated corporate and product communication programs. The specialized services on strategic issues, mainly addressed to intensive retail businesses, importers, craft companies or industries, have made BLADEadv one of the most effective advertising companies operating in the retail sector.
Since its establishment in 2009 until today, BLADEadv has worked with some of the most successful brands, both at the level of commercial enterprises & private stores, as well as at the level of chains.

Using the new modern methods of communication, it is constantly evolving, investing in logistical infrastructure, technologies and specialized staff, aiming at the continuous upgrading of its offered services and products, for the benefit of its customers-partners.
This strategy, the constant unremitting effort in all areas and the close business relations with all partners, have made it one of the most dynamically rising advertising companies in Greece.